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Joanna Pinsky is a painter residing in Evanston, Illinois. For nearly forty years, she has been creating two dimensional shaped paintings. Initially, she explored color and perceptual concepts in geometric shaped canvases. These evolved into textural works that pitted natural textures such as sand, sawdust and gravel, against geometric shapes. The next series were large scale invented shapes inspired by aerial views of landscape. In the 1990’s she began to develop paintings based on photographs of architectural structures including buildings, bridges and viaducts. Recently, she has been creating installations of small works on gator board. Arranged in unexpected positions, these architectural forms seem to be whirling in space.

– Joanna Pinsky

Shaped Canvases

St Louis Smoke Stacks, acrylic on canvas, 38" x 26", Private Collection

Hero Fragments

Blue Marti, acrylic on 2D shaped board approx 46" x 30"

Hero Fragments

Blue Marti, acrylic on 2D shaped board approx 46" x 30"

Architectural Fragments

Cuban Staircase, 2D shaped board, 46" x 32", © 2013

Curated Combinations

Entry Posts, 2D shaped paintings on board approx 46" x 26" and 24" x 14"


Installation View, Koehnline Museum, Oakton Community College, 2016

Shaped Canvases

Beams, acrylic on canvas, 72" x 46" x 2.5"

Works on Paper

21st and M, 30" x 22", © 2013